Our Currency Convertor can be accessed in two ways; Direct or In-line. If you simply want to have a Currency Convertor link on your site to enable visitors to convert their own amounts, use the Direct method. If you need one-click conversion for pre-defined prices of goods or services, use the In-line method.

The examples below show how the code to access the Currency Convertor can be integrated into a Web page. This information should be read in conjunction with the Authorisation email you have already received.

To use either method, cut and paste the code direct from this page into the relevant pages on your site. (Don't copy the code from the source code of this page!)
Please note that the Authorisation Codes (XX??????) used in these examples will not work on your site and must be replaced with the unique Authorisation Code you have been allocated.

Direct conversion
(Remember to replace the XXA00002 with your Authorisation Code.)

Usage: Currency Convertor
Code : <A HREF="" TARGET = "TOP">Currency Convertor</A>

In-line conversion
The code to use In-line conversion is comprised of the <A>...</A> links shown in the examples together with the javascript <SCRIPT>...</SCRIPT> section at the bottom of the page. (Remember to replace the XXA00000 with your Authorisation Code.)

There can be any number of <A>...</A> links on a page but only one copy of the <SCRIPT>...</SCRIPT> section is needed per page. Use of the javascript allows the conversions to be displayed in a small window which overlays the main window. This window can be closed manually but will disappear automatically after 90 seconds. By default, conversions are displayed in English. If you need a different language please email us at

Examples of In-line code
(Although we have used the Pounds Sterling symbol in one of the examples below, we recommend that you avoid using currency symbols in your text, as not all symbols will display correctly in all countries. If in doubt, use the full Currency Name as in Pounds Sterling)
Amounts shown in the text (between the <A HREF...> and the </A> can be in any format. Amounts sent to the javascript '"javascript:c(... etc' must be in British/American format with no comma used to separate thousands and with a dot as the decimal point eg 100000.00
Please DO NOT USE the European format eg 100.000,00 with a comma as the decimal point as it will not work correctly.

<A HREF="javascript:c('10000.86&c=ESP')">10.000,86 Pesetas</A> will work fine
<A HREF="javascript:c('10.000,86&c=ESP')">10.000,86 Pesetas</A> will not work.

Example 1
Usage: Box of jelly beans 50.35 Pounds Sterling
Code : Box of jelly beans <A HREF="javascript:c('50.35&c=GBP')">50.35 Pounds Sterling</A>

Example 2
Usage: Pair of shoes £120
Code : Pair of shoes <A HREF="javascript:c('120&c=GBP')">£120</A>

Example 3
Usage: Holiday to Alaska 1875 Canadian Dollars
Code : Holiday to Alaska <A HREF="javascript:c('1875&c=CAD')">1875 Canadian Dollars</A>

Example 4
Usage: Trip to EuroDisney 300 Euro
Code : Trip to EuroDisney <A HREF="javascript:c('300&c=EUR')">300 Euro</A>

Example 5
Usage: Breakfast at Tiffany's 27.56 US Dollars
Code : Breakfast at Tiffany's <A HREF="javascript:c('27.56&c=USD')">27.56 US Dollars</A>

function c(q)
rx = "" + q + "&l=44&x=XXA00000";
cx =,"C","toolbar=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0,width=588,height=252");